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A Waterloo Area Nature Winter Season Journey

A Waterloo Area Nature Winter Season Journey

It has really been unbelievably recovery for Miriam as well as likewise me, as well as likewise little problem for the individuals on our journeys, to have really stayed in a positioning to start an entire collection of nature walks as a solution to COVID-19 as well as likewise all its ominous variants.

19 December 2021

On a shiny cozy day, a quintessentially fantastic Ontario winter season’s day as a matter of fact, a great deal of anxious biologists gathered to love a valuable day of birding as well as likewise connection. As quickly as a lot of us pleased as a great deal to see our first vacation it was minus 7 levels as well as likewise minus one by mid-afternoon once we divided, with shiny solar commonly as well as likewise no wind to bring up. It as a matter of fact does not acquire significantly far better.

Principal: David M. Gascoigne

Individuals: Miriam Bauman, Jennifer Clary-Lemon, Lisa Den Besten, Victoria Ho, Lucas Liu, Greg Michalenko, Marcel O’Gorman, Roger Suffling, Selwyn Tomkun, Kathy Waybrant

Visitors: Rapunzel Clary-Lemon, Tina Den Besten, Annie Li, Mark Waybrant

Greg, Mark, Kathy, Rog, Victoria, Lisa, Tina, Selwyn, David, Jennifer, Marcel, Rapunzel, Annie, Lucas

It was a good-sized group as well as likewise it was truly inspiring to see 3 even more vibrant individuals out with us. Up until practically the last second of all we had really 7 others enrolled in the stroll; 2 ended attributable to Omicron issues, 2 hesitating poor driving circumstances, as well as likewise 3 mosted most likely to aid a member of the family that had really moved on ice as well as likewise hurt an ankle joint.

DesJardins Canal, Dundas, ON

That is THE location within the winter season to see Hooded Merganser ( Lophodytes cucullatus) as well as likewise we weren’t let down. This fantastic little duck occurred from the second of all of our arrival.

Hooded Merganser ♂

Hooded Merganser ♀

A variety of Double-crested Cormorants ( Nannopterum auritum) efficient out the winter season at Desjardins yearly, as well as likewise 2021 is none exception.

Urquhart Butterfly Lawn, Dundas, ON

The lawn was decorated in winter season snow, nevertheless besides for the chattering of some Home Sparrows ( Passer domesticus) there was little proof of birds.

It is frequently winding up being, however, to offer homage to Fred Urquhart, that self-effacing Ontario biologist that added in discovering the motion training course of the Queen ( Danaus plexippus), all one of the most efficient technique to its wintering location in Mexico.

Guelder-Rose ( Viburnum opulus) has a specific beauty when covered with snow.

Forest Cemetery, Burlington, ON

For a selection of years, the tree on the suitable of the photo has really been home to a collection of Jap Screech-Owls ( Megascops asio), as well as likewise sometimes one or each will definitely continue to be on the lip of their area.

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Mark reported that he had really seen an owl there simply a number of days formerly, nevertheless as we speak they weren’t getting involved. Possibly prospering time!

Grindstone Creek/Hendrie Valley Sanctuary, Burlington, ON

We had really rated by a variety of elegant Mute Swans ( Cygnus olor), a becoming welcome for such an august group I state you’ll consent!

Amongst numerous great views of this quit on our training course is the opportunity to have Black-capped Chickadees ( Poecile atricapillus) feed from the hand.

Our group wasted no time at all in any way in taking the second!

Younger as well as likewise previous, man or lady, girl or child, all had really been afraid to provide it a purpose.

It took barely a second for Marcel to efficiency the satisfaction.

Take an appearance at his face as well as likewise Jennifer’s. A number of champion smiles if in the past I saw them!

Rapunzel snuggled near Mother. A male Northern Cardinal ( Cardinalis cardinalis

) saved a comprehensive eye on us from basic metres away.

It turned up to prefer to sally in as well as likewise acquire its share of the sunflower seeds nevertheless can not instead tweeze up braveness.

A chickadee was rapidly to accumulate a reward from Lucas’ outstretched hand.

There’s an entire sensation of satisfaction to be acquired from this telephone call with a little wild pet, nevertheless it’s never ever extra unique than when a young adult experiences it for the vital time. Rapunzel’s response was such a contentment to see.

She was hooked from the vital second as well as likewise for the remainder of the day can barely wait till she can do it again.

Ice kinds winter season’s art work in a great deal of various methods. The Hendrie Valley Sanctuary is an area the location I have really had success in attracting a Downy Woodpecker ( Dryobates pubescens

) to take seed from my hand, nevertheless as we speak they had really been having none of it. Mallard ( Anas platyrynchos

) is the duck we are more than likely to overlook, nevertheless I can guarantee you that expertise does not replicate taunting in me. It’s a stunning hen!

LaSalle Park as well as likewise Marina, Burlington, ON A good deal of the waterfowl was instead escape, as well as likewise Miriam did efficiently to acquire this shot of Ruddy Geese ( Oxyura jamaicensis) swimming with, as well as likewise outweighed by, Canada Geese ( Branta canadensis

). There have really been a variety of girly Purple-breasted Mergansers ( Mergus serrator

) nevertheless guys lowered to pay us a probably to. There have really been handful of Larger Scaup ( Aythys marila

) nevertheless for potentially among one of the most half they likewise had really been protecting to themselves. The presence of lots of people at LaSalle Park fits Home Sparrows ( Passer domesticus

) truly efficiently; extra individuals, extra meals. It’s standard to miss this little competitor, nevertheless it’s an actually appealing hen. A good deal of the gulls we saw had really been Ring-bills ( Larus delawarensis


For potentially among one of the most half they had really been material item to bask within the solar. It’s never ever something nevertheless appreciating see Trumpeter Swans ( Cygnus buccinator


The color of the payment on an early is kind of premium, practically uplifting now of the year one can state.

There have really been numerous Canada Geese existing as is more than likely to be anticipated, frequently looking into lowest level for a details of meals. Rapunzel called this Snow due to the white place on its head. A range of American Coots ( Fulica americana

) delighted us as they swam round since interested chicken-like stride, each of the whereas tailored for the water. Canvasback ( Aythya valsineria

) existed in instead massive numbers, an authentic activity of winter season’s beauty.

Numerous had really been material item to snooze away the day. I saw relatively number of American Black Geese ( Anas rubipres

) as well as likewise I used to be happy that Miriam tape-recorded this.

A Downy Woodpecker has acrobatic capacities as well as likewise we had really been enjoyed witness a situations.

Rapunzel had really struck her stride with the chickadees as well as likewise I assume would definitely have actually been instead happy to continue to be there constantly to feed them. On this journey we had the advantage of some crucial birding efficiency as well as likewise ability, as well as likewise we had really can situating each Cold weather Wren ( Troglodytes hiemalis) as well as likewise Carolina Wren ( Thryothorus ludovicianus

), a remarkable one/two strike on any type of sort of day.

Cold weather Wren efficiently hidden

Cold weather Wren a bit extra seen

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Carolina Wren

That needs a house packed with sparkle as well as likewise tinsel? We had really been wending our methods once more to our autos for lunch when this elegant male Northern Pintail ( Anas acuta

) travelled ahead.

I assume we’ll call the Trumpeter Swan listed below Rapunzel’s Swan. We’ll send out an explorations document of a classified hen on her component, to make sure that she will definitely obtain an accreditations of adoration from the Canadian Wild Animals Option.

Did I describe that Rapunzel suches as feeding chickadees?

Appears like mom does! Paletta Park, Burlington, ON We had really rated by a Cooper’s Hawk (

Accipiter cooperii

) which had a streak of blood on its breast plumes (seen utilizing the array) as well as likewise turned up to have a full plant. I think it was kicking back whereas absorbing its meal. Gray Squirrels ( Sciurus carolinensis

) have little to tension from an accipiter like a Cooper’s Hawk, as well as likewise this

certain person was taking care of its endeavor Ice has a technique of structure fantastic growths. There was a wide range of waterfowl out on the water, a large amount of it removed from shore, regretfully. A range of Widespread Goldeneye (

Bucephala clangula) minimized the area in between us. Widespread Goldeneye (♂)

Widespread Goldeneye (♀)

The one Lengthy-tailed Duck (

Clangula hyemalis

) that resembled anywhere near the shore was this just girly.

Escape on the lake, however, they had really existed of their 1000’s.

The numbers you see over with the significant vessel within the background to provide some context, was 4 to 5 parties a lot longer, with birds diving constantly, having really relatively discovered a wealthy feeding location.

It will definitely interest have a topographic map of the lake throughout that time to see whether any type of sort of geologic function would possibly explain the feeding event we observed. Left wing (eastern) layer of the Lengthy-tailed Geese, was a remarkable focus of Widespread Goldeneye, taking advantage of the comparable wealthy meals supply, I think. A quartet of Mallards, in documents, socially-distanced potentially, passed by, unconcerned of something nevertheless their truly very own occasions.

We wandered off throughout the creek, making our methods once more to our trucks.

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Mark’s watchful eye obtained a Brownish Mountain climber (

Certhia americana

) for us, our ultimate new ranges for the day.(*) We had an enchanting day collectively, previous close friends as well as likewise new, all enjoying with the wonders of nature revealed to us with each activity we took.(*) Numerous many thanks every person for occurring with as well as likewise making this such a favorable day. I desire it is not more than likely to be substantial earlier than we do it again collectively.(*) Concepts for future journeys are presently percolating in my head. (*).



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