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A Snowy Owl, a Rough-Legged Buzzard as well as American Crows

A Snowy Owl, a Rough-Legged Buzzard as well as American Crows

We are experiencing the strangest of wintertimes. As I glimpse outside to my yard there is not a fleck of snow – as well as this is January in Ontario. Rainfall is available in the type of rainfall, as well as haze as well as haze are our consistent friends it appears.

Miriam as well as I have actually gotten on our yearly pursuit to locate Snowy Owls ( Bubo scandiacus), ultimately having success.

14 January, 2023

Wellington Region, ON

We made coffee, got 2 scrumptious homemade delicious chocolate chip/oatmeal cookies as well as gone out with visions of Snowy Owls dance in our heads. This search has actually handled the features of a yearly initiation rite, as well as we anticipate reconnecting with these most stunning of birds with a strength scheduled by others for such trival occasions as the Super Dish or the Oscars. There is no question that there is some type of spiritual link that exists in between us as well as them.

We have actually been patrolling all the trusted locations where we have actually located this aristocrat of the north in years past, however have actually shown up vacant.

Ultimately – success!

It was fairly away, in an area with hardly a trace of snow (problem for farmers) as well as rested silently, relaxing as well as saving its power.

Regardless of prayers yearly dishonest digital photographers will certainly trespass on personal property as well as interrupt the owls in the infinite pursuit for the ideal shot, giving up the well-being of the bird to their very own self-indulgent ends.

Our friends, Victoria as well as Selwyn have actually never ever had the enjoyment of an experience with a Snowy Owl, however when we took them to see it the adhering to day, it was no place to be located, having actually relocated far from over-zealous pinheads I presume.

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Benjamin Roadway, Area of Waterloo, ON

We were simple mins from house when we observed a raptor set down near the roadway. A fast glimpse informed us that it was not a Red-tailed Hawk ( Buteo jamaicensis), our probably Buteo, as well as we transformed the vehicle around to place ourselves to obtain a far better appearance as well as take some images.

It was a stunning, dark morph Rough-legged Buzzard ( Buteo lagopus). No faster had we began to view it, it fell as well as appeared to be mantling victim. If so, it ate it on the ground, due to the fact that when it flew off there was no proof of a caught vole or various other victim in its talons.

It is an incredible bird as well as we were happy to have actually seen it.

American Crow ( Corvus brachyrynchos) in our yard

American Crows, a family member Corvidae, are amongst one of the most smart as well as appealing of birds, as well as we have actually been doing our ideal to create a connection with them in our backyard.

We produced food for them everyday, however they are normally careful, as well as method with care.

They have every factor to skepticism human beings that have actually maltreated them for centuries in every method feasible. Gradually they are establishing self-confidence in us, as well as when Miriam contacts us to them when she opens up the home window to throw out food, they show up nearly immediately as well as perch in the trees in our backyard as well as the neighbor’s.

We really hope with time to have them trust us entirely as well as involve with us daily.

What an uncommon benefit that will certainly be.

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A Shout-out for Linda Primmer, My Fairy Blogmother

A number of years ago I had Linda revamp my blog site as well as I have actually been happy with the outcomes.

Lately, I made a decision that it was time for an adjustment of header, as well as dealt with doing it. Huge blunder! I screwed it up majestically!

As I have a number of times given that I initially satisfied Linda, I resorted to her, as well as patiently as well as masterfully she established whatever right as well as you can see the outcomes over. She truly is the embodiment of professionalism and reliability as well as a pleasure to manage.

It is paradoxical that I might describe the cell framework of a blossom to you, speak on bird composition, load you with question bird movement, conversation concerning a string quartet, however I am a complete idiot when it pertains to a computer system, as well as crazily daunted by it I could include.

Linda has actually constantly concerned my rescue, as well as I value it profoundly.

Thanks, Linda.



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