A hazardous trip via the nation of birds: obstacles for migratory raptors

Migratory raptors encounter a difficult trip every year. A lot of these birds nest in the continent’s north and also start their movement prior to wintertime, investing that time in warmer areas in Central and also South America. Colombia becomes part of this all-natural sensation as a movement path, a tactical stop and also relaxing location for raptors, and also also as a wintering website. These birds see us on 2 events: when they head southern in between September and also November (drop movement) and also return north in between mid-February and also April (springtime movement).

Moving via loss, migratory raptors utilizing the land passage get in South America via northwestern Colombia, going across over the Darien area that attaches the Isthmus of Panama with Colombia. Buteos proceed primarily via the Andes and also its valleys, where some people start to remain, selecting wintering websites from Colombia. On the other hand, the red-headed guans ( Cathartes mood) proceed their movement in the direction of the levels of Venezuela and also Colombia, adhered to by some people of various other raptor varieties. The remainder proceed southward in a broad-fronted movement via the inter-Andean valleys, canyons, and also hill ridges. Movement has actually been reported in locations as reduced as the Cauca and also Magdalena river valleys and also in a lot greater areas such as Bogotá, at 8,660 feet over water level. The movement of Buteo swainsoni gets to Argentina to invest the wintertime in these locations.

Searching is a substantial danger

Sadly, Colombia is among minority areas where raptors’ searching continues, coming to be an extra obstacle. Raptors encounter numerous threats on their migratory trip, consisting of environment loss and also air pollution. One of the most damaged varieties are those that develop big teams that are really noticeable to seekers. Amongst them are the broad-winged hawk ( Buteo platypterus) and also Swainson’s hawk ( Buteo swainsoni), typically referred to as the insect hawk– or in specific Spanish-speaking nations, the “provided hawk.” They are pursued primarily for intake, as the regional citizens have a fallacy that they have recovery homes, which additionally accelerates the passing away of Lent. Preservation initiatives are specifically required in Tolima and also Cundinamarca, where poachers assert the lives of these animals as they relax from their lengthy trip in the center of the evening.

The preservation procedure starts with understanding and also acknowledging what must be secured. There is little details on these birds and also their migratory activities within Colombia. Telemetry researches have actually assisted and also offered us a basic concept of the courses of several of the varieties. And also the study accomplished in current years, primarily in the northwest of the nation, prepared to start comprehending the sensation in your area, identifying the significance of Colombia (Bechard et al. 1999, Colorado et al. 2006, VEHICLE 2008, Bayly et al. 2014). Still, even more study is required to comprehend exactly how movement operates in a nation with such specific orographic and also weather qualities as ours.

The Raptor Movement Organization of The United States And Canada ( HMANA) has a network of matter websites where movement flow is checked throughout the Americas. This is of fantastic assistance in advertising clinical research, satisfaction, and also recognition of raptor movement. In Between North and also Central America, there are greater than 300 counting websites. South America just has 3 energetic websites, 2 in Colombia and also one in Venezuela.

Because 2020, TROPICOS Colombia has actually established in the divisions influenced by unlawful searching. To much better comprehend movement, this NGO performs expeditions in various areas of the nation, consisting of the divisions of Antioquia, Caldas, Cundinamarca, and also Tolima, within the structure of the task “Preservation of migratory raptors – Colombia.”

Neighborhood assistance, what counts most

A matter website was developed southwest of the city of Ibagué for springtime movement. We called it “Conteo de Rapaces Tolima” (Tolima Raptor Matter), and also tracking started with fantastic assumption: for the very first time, documents would certainly be absorbed the location. Greater than 400,000 people of migratory raptors of 10 various varieties were observed, going beyond assumptions. These outstanding outcomes have actually developed a standard for future study and also preservation initiatives on local migratory raptors.

Last April, the numbers got to greater than 700 thousand people, placing the Tolima matter website as the 4th crucial website in the Neotropical area based upon released information (Bildstein 2006).

The rise over previous years does not always show that the variety of raptors is climbing. It doubts whether the interannual variant is typically substantial, so refresher courses are required. With each period, we discover a bit a lot more, and also it has actually been supported that the inner courses range fall and also springtime in the facility of the nation. This was verified many thanks to the 2nd counting website inaugurated in 2022 in the Magdalena River valley in Tolima. At the very same time, even more concerns emerge, and also we still have much to find regarding their migratory trips.

As the nation with one of the most bird varieties on earth, Colombia can be an instance of preservation and also recognize the fantastic advantage of observing this all-natural phenomenon. A collaborated initiative in between ecological companies, governmental companies, and also various other regional stars can offer higher extent to activities versus searching, which is an unlawful and also criminalized task in the nation.

Neighborhood engagement and also involvement are essential, and also education and learning is crucial to altering the regional assumption of these birds, which understand no boundaries and also assist preserve the equilibrium of communities throughout the continent.


Many companies have actually sustained the task in Colombia. Lots of charitable contributors have actually assisted, worried regarding saving these spectacular birds. I intend to highlight the continuous and also genuine assistance of Hawk Hill Haven, meeting its vigorous goal to advertise raptor preservation worldwide.


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