8th to 14th August– First arrival of Flycatchers

A cozy week with days beginning tranquil as well as northeasterly
winds getting in the direction of the mid-day. Temperature levels got to an optimal of 28.1 ° on
the 14th.

A big
team of around 90 Swifts were seen
preying on flying ants over Castle Hillside on the 10th. Smaller sized teams were seen
the remainder of the week in addition to the 13th. A Cuckoo flew with Millcombe on the early morning of the 12th gone after by
the regional Swallows 2 Supply Dove were reported on the 11th.

Waders were
frequently listened to flying over the island throughout the early mornings. Golden Plover were listened to on the 9th as well as 10th, Ringed Plover on the
12th as well as 14th as well as a Curlew on the
8th. A Dunlin was listened to on the 9th
and after that one got on Pondsbury on the 14th. 3 Snipe were around Pondsbury on the 8th, 4 on the 10th as well as 3 on
the 14th. A Usual Sandpiper was by
Rat Island on the 14th as well as 2 Environment-friendly.
were by Pondsbury.

A Sandwich Tern was seen briefly on the 11th as it flew previous Rat Island. 3.
Cormorant flew over Millcombe on the.
9th as well as a Grey Heron went to the North Upright the 11th. A Sparrowhawk was seen around Millcombe on the 12th and after that by Husbandry.
Area on the 13th. A female/immature Marsh
Harrier flew over Barton Area on.
the 8th as well as a female/immature Chicken.
headed southern over the Castle on the 13th.

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Tiny teams.
of hirundines were seen today with a max matter of 10 Sand Martins on the 8th.
as well as 11th. A high matter of 42 Swallows
was seen on the 14th as well as 13 Residence Martins on the 9th.

Willow Warblers
were still being seen in excellent numbers today. 62 were depended on the 12th.
as well as at the very least 120 were seen on the 14th. Solitary Chiffchaff were seen on the 8th, 10th as well as 13th with 2 on the 9th.
2 Blackcap were ringed on the.
14th. The initial Yard Warblers of fall were seen with one.
on the 13th as well as 2 on the 14th. Reduced varieties of Sedge Warbler as well as Whitethroat.
were seen daily.

A solitary Found Flycatcher was initially seen on the 9th with an optimal of 10 seen on the.
12th. Pied Flycatchers initial gotten here on the 10th with a high matter of 6 on.
the 14th. Flycatchers were not just seen in Millcombe yet frequently resting.
on wall surfaces or fencing lines throughout the south of the island. A women Redstart was by Quarter Wall Surface on the 9th.
as well as a Whinchat in South West Area.
on the 13th. A high matter of 31 Wheatear were seen on the 13th with the majority of seen around the airstrip as well as Ackland’s Moor.

Women Redstart, Quarter Wall Surface © Stuart Cossey
Wheatears, Ackland’s Moor © Stuart Cossey
Pied Flycatcher, Water Containers © Stuart Cossey
Found Flycatcher, Quarter Wall Surface © Stuart Cossey
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3 Tree Pipits were listened to flying over on.
the 12th as well as 13th with a solitary on the 14th. A Greenfinch was reported in Millcombe on the 12th as well as 2 Siskins flew over on the 14th.

non-avian information, a Basking Shark was.
reported off the Castle on the 14th. 2 Usual.
were detected a bat detector on the 11th. One at Quarry.
Fish pond as well as the various other in Millcombe. 2 Hummingbird.
were seen on the 12th as well as one more on the 14th. There was a superb moth.
catch haul on the early morning of the 14th with over 200 moths of 42 types.

S Cossey, R Ellis, Z Wait, M as well as J Webber

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