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8 PROVEN Ways To Maintain Squirrels Off Bird Feeders (2022)

8 PROVEN Ways To Maintain Squirrels Off Bird Feeders (2022)

It’s extremely testing to maintain squirrels away from bird feeders!

I recognize this declaration is apparent, yet whether you like ’em or dislike ’em, eventually, nearly every yard birder needs to manage squirrels attempting to present an aggressive requisition of their bird food.

I such as squirrels as well as desire them in my yard. I delight in seeing them, as well as they are as a lot a component of nature as birds.

Yet …

I wish to see my squirrels ON THE GROUND. Sadly, these ferocious rats can swiftly come to be a hassle on bird feeders for lots of factors, including their starved cravings, feeder supremacy, outstanding sports capability, as well as capability to eat with nearly anything!

Do you see any type of squirrels on my feeders?

Below is a LIVE check out my bird feeding terminal. We contend the very least 8 squirrels that typically see our yard as well as regularly among them can be observed on my bird feeders. Sadly, I break Suggestion # 2 listed below, as well as it’s fairly usual to see a squirrel jump from the trees!

Listed below, you will certainly discover 8 means to maintain squirrels off bird feeders!

After doing great deals of study as well as exploring in your home, I have actually assembled 8 approaches that can aid stop as well as quit the carnage that squirrels can inflict on your bird food supply.

As well as the most effective information?

None of the ideas listed below pain squirrels I do not concur with or suggest any type of method that places these little animals at risk. As I claimed previously, I wish to feed the squirrels, simply not from my bird feeders.

Suggestion # 1: Purchase a Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder Post

By mounting a high quality squirrel-proof bird feeder post, you can get rid of the majority of squirrel issues.

It’s quite easy. If squirrels can not go up to the bird feeders, after that they are stuck consuming the food that is up to the ground.

When it pertains to squirrel-proof bird feeder posts, you have 2 alternatives:

A. Purchase a post that is made to avoid squirrels.

As an example, I utilized to possess the Squirrel Stopper Post, as well as not one solitary animal EVER surpassed the connected spring-loaded baffle. (This year I constructed a much more sturdy bird feeder post as a result of the high variety of bird feeders I was utilizing. )

A squirrel baffle is just a gizmo that stops squirrels (as well as various other little animals) from going up your bird feeder post. Look into the spring-loaded baffle on the Squirrel Stopper post listed below:

Squirrel Stopper Post Inspect Today’s Cost

Not just is this post terrific at protecting against squirrels from going up, yet it stands up to 8 bird feeders as well as looks “sophisticated” in my yard.

B. Squirrel-proof your existing post by affixing baffles.

If you like your existing bird feeder post as well as wish to maintain it, yet it had not been made to quit squirrels, I have terrific information!

Squirrel frustrates can be bought independently (or made) as well as connected to your existing post.

As a whole, there are 2 various styles/shapes of baffle you will certainly come across:

stop squirrels with baffles

Torpedo Baffle Pictured Above ( Likewise described as Stovepipe or Cone): Audubon Steel Squirrel Baffle
Twist Around Baffle Pictured Above: Woodlink Squirrel Baffle

Both of these baffles are made to affix listed below the bird feeder. As squirrels climb, they are unable to navigate the baffle as well as as a result can not consume your bird food!

* Squirrels can leap up and down approximately 4 feet high! See to it to affix a squirrel baffle high sufficient on the post that they can not simply leap over as well as in addition to it. *

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For every little thing you require to learn about squirrel frustrates, look into this write-up:

Suggestion # 2: Location Your Bird Feeders Carefully

Did you recognize that squirrels can leap regarding 10 feet flat?

Do not think me?

Below is a video clip I produced of the squirrels leaping onto my bird feeding terminal!

Sadly, my bird feeding terminal will certainly never ever be 100% squirrel evidence, as well as it’s since my feeders are as well near to the trees you see in the above video clip. Due to this truth, I need to depend on the various other approaches gone over in this article!

As you are determining where to put bird feeders in your yard, bear in mind that they will certainly undergo an airborne attack from squirrels!

To avoid squirrels from making the dive, discover an appropriate location that goes to the very least 10 feet far from any type of trees, tree branches, homes, decks, high-voltage line, or anything else that they can reach make use of as a launch pad. My feeding terminal is just around 5 feet far from the closest trees, as well as the squirrels make that jump conveniently!

It will most likely be one of the most enjoyable to put the feeders simply a little bit out of the squirrels’ reach. By doing this, you reach observe them shot to make the dive yet miss out on, which offers some home entertainment.

Suggestion # 3: Purchase a Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder

If you are unable to quit squirrels from reaching your bird feeders, it might be time to transform your feeders right into Ft Knox.

The Good News Is, there are bird feeders that enable birds to consume yet remove the food supply for squirrels. Some job terrific; some come a cropper.

Below are the 3 most preferred approaches utilized by squirrel-proof bird feeders:

A. Weight Sensitive:

Accessibility to bird food is rejected if there is excessive weight on the perches of the feeder. Many birds are MUCH lighter than squirrels, as well as they can consume easily. Yet when a squirrel gets on, commonly a door shuts, as well as they are unable to consume the food!

As an example, right here is a brief video clip of the weight-sensitive perches at work on my Outright II receptacle feeder:

Inspect Today’s Cost

B. Cages:

Audubon Squirrel-Proof Caged Tube Bird Feeder

Some feeders are bordered by a steel cage to quit squirrels. The openings in the unit are big sufficient for little birds to fly with yet as well small for squirrels to fit within. Cages additionally function terrific to maintain blackbirds off your feeders.

C. Battery Powered Feeders That Spin:

These might be one of the most enjoyable! When a squirrel gets on the feeder, the electric motor starts to begin rotating, which throws them off!

For a listing of my preferred squirrel-proof bird feeders with straightforward testimonials, look into the complying with write-up:

Suggestion # 4: Deal foods that squirrels do not such as

There might be areas you wish to put your feeders that are nearly difficult to maintain squirrels away from, such as on a deck, home window, or near a tree.

In this situation, it might be essential to be really careful concerning the foods you are mosting likely to supply.

As Well As right here’s fortunately:

Squirrels do not consume every little thing!

Squirrels go bananas over nuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds, corn, as well as fruit. They like these foods! You can not criticize them for attempting to reach your feeders.

Yet can you think there are a handful of foods that will bring in great deals of birds as well as stop squirrels at the very same time?

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Below are 3 foods you can make use of that squirrels do not such as:

A. Safflower Seed:

safflower seed - best bird food

Cardinals, chickadees, titmice, as well as lots of finches like this little, white seed while squirrels do not. Blackbirds (starlings as well as grackles) additionally do not consume safflower seeds, that makes me assume this might be a wonder food!

B. Nyjer Seed:

different types of bird seed guide

Goldfinches can not obtain sufficient, yet squirrels never mind with this small seed.

C. White Proso Millet:

I assume it’s as well little for squirrels to tinker, yet doves, juncos, as well as sparrows will most certainly enjoy it’s offered.

Suggestion # 5: Maintain Squirrels Away With Hot Peppers!

When I initially discovered the method of quiting squirrels with warm peppers, it appeared unusual to me yet made a great deal of feeling once I found out more.

hot pepper birdseed

Have you ever before consumed a warm pepper? If so, you recognize that it can make your mouth a little bit unpleasant.

The “ warmth that you really feel in your mouth after consuming a warm pepper is brought on by a substance called capsaicin The factor we really feel discomfort, pain, as well as burning after consuming warm peppers is that capsaicin tinkers certain nerve closings in our mouths.

Below is the interesting component:

Just animals, like squirrels, are influenced by capsaicin!

Birds can consume capsaicin all day as well as really feel no sick results.

So to capitalize, lots of bird foods include capsaicin as a powder layer, fluid layer, or as component of a suet mix to quit squirrels from consuming.

Over and over again, it has actually been revealed that having capsaicin-treated bird food is among the most effective squirrel repellants you can use. All it takes is one odor or preference, as well as they will certainly begin looking in other places.

Yet is it risk-free to feed birds capsaicin?

Products which contain capsaicin have actually gotten on the marketplace for a very long time currently. There are no records of any type of birders or ornithologists that have actually talked with the unfavorable wellness repercussions for birds.

Below is the capsaicin bird food that I have actually utilized prior to with terrific success:

repel squirrels with this food

Cole’s Hot Meats Sunflower Seed Sight Cost – Amazon.com

Suggestion # 6: Feed squirrels at a different feeder

This pointer runs counter to nearly every little thing else on this checklist.

To avoid as well as hinder squirrels from accessing as well as consuming every one of your food as well as frightening birds, attempt feeding them at a different feeder simply for them!

As an example, beneath my bird feeders, I have a tray that is constantly full of sunflower seeds simply for the squirrels!

Woodlink Tray Feeder: Sight Price – Amazon.com

By offering a limitless supply of food for squirrels in a different feeder, you are wishing they will not also trouble experiencing all the additional job to reach your bird feeders.

This pointer functions well as a squirrel deterrent. I utilize this very same method to aid regulate Home Sparrows as well!

See to it the feeder remains in a very easy place for the squirrels to discover as well as load it with affordable food they like, like corn as well as sunflower seeds.

Suggestion # 7: Have a good time With Your Squirrels!

We have actually currently developed that squirrels will certainly do concerning anything to get to bird food, as well as they are extremely identified as well as acrobatic.

Understanding this, attempt having some enjoyable as well as make them strive for their dish!

There are countless squirrel feeders made with human home entertainment in mind. Among my faves is a big wheel that includes cobs of corn on completions. If the squirrels do not stabilize themselves right, the wheel begins to rotate about. The squirrels ultimately reach consume, yet it’s difficult!

Below is a spinning squirrel feeder at work:

Woodlink Squirrel-Go-Round Feeder Sight $ on Amazon.com

Suggestion # 8: Do Not Harmed Squirrels!

Sadly, out of irritation, lots of people have actually generated means to maintain squirrels off their bird feeders that injure and even eliminate them.

I do not concur with these techniques.

There are a lot of reliable approaches that function as squirrel deterrents as well as maintain squirrels risk-free. Bear in mind that squirrels are simply attempting to endure themselves as well as doing what comes normally to them!

So my last suggestion is to stay clear of anything that will certainly wound squirrels. I recognize these pesky rats can be frustrating, yet please withstand any type of lures to remove them completely.

Attempt to value squirrels as component of nature as well as remember they are simply attempting to endure like the birds that see your feeders!

Below are some points to stay clear of:

Poisonous Substance:

Not just will you be punishing the squirrels to an uncomfortable fatality, yet suppose your pet dog mistakenly consumes some?

Glue or anything else sticky on your bird feeder post:

It not just needs to be extremely agonizing to have their hair removed, yet it’s nearly difficult for squirrels to get rid of the adhesive. They might additionally consume some as they attempt to brush themselves.

Oil jelly or oil on your bird feeder post:

Comparable to adhesive, this is extremely tough for squirrels to leave their layer. They could consume some as well as get ill, or their hair will certainly glob with each other, leaving them vulnerable to winter.


There is absolutely nothing you can contend a squirrel that will certainly not injure it, other than a cam.

Allowing your feline outside to eliminate the squirrels:

Pet cats like to victimize as well as eliminate birds. If you wish to see even more birds at your feeder as well as less squirrels, do you assume allowing your feline exterior is a fantastic suggestion?

Eliminating the squirrels in your yard is a traditional instance of dealing with the sign as well as not the trouble. Squirrels reproduce swiftly, so you can constantly anticipate even more to show up. Utilizing a mix of the ideas above will certainly function better as lasting remedies to your squirrel issues than murder.

Final Thought:

ways to keep squirrels off bird feeders

By making use of several of the ideas detailed above, it is totally feasible to ward off, hinder, as well as maintain squirrels off your feeders as well as quit them from consuming every one of your bird food!

I have had the most effective good luck by brushing ideas # 3, # 4, as well as # 5 with each other.

Most significantly, attempt to discover to value squirrels as well as delight in the obstacles they supply.

That understands, as soon as you obtain the squirrels in control as well as off your bird feeders, you might wind up appreciating their insane shenanigans. As well as so you recognize, The Squirrel Fan’s Club is constantly trying to find brand-new participants!

Prior to you go, I desire your assistance to make this write-up also much better. Can you aid address several of these inquiries in the remarks listed below?

Just how do you quit squirrels from obtaining onto your bird feeders?

What are the most effective means you have discovered to hinder as well as ward off squirrels?

Many thanks for analysis, as well as best of luck!




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