7 Ways To Maintain Chipmunks Far From Bird Feeders! (2022)

Exactly how do you maintain chipmunks away as well as off your bird feeders?

With their cheeks packed packed with food, lots of people locate chipmunks exceptionally adorable as well as welcome them to their yard. Yet while squirrels obtain the majority of the interest, these candy striped rats can end up being a little bit frustrating near your bird feeding terminal, particularly in huge adequate numbers.

One of the most likely area where you will certainly see chipmunks will certainly be below your feeders, consuming the bird food that has actually been up to the ground. Yet without a little bit of avoidance, these pests are recognized to climb up right into your bird feeders, which avoids the songbirds you really wish to see!

Below are 7 easy methods to stop chipmunks at your bird feeders!

And also make certain to look into every one of the important things you must refrain from doing to quit chipmunks, which lie at the end.

# 1. Maintain the location below your feeders tidy.

keeping chipmunks away from bird feeders

One of the most likely area that you are visiting chipmunks at is consuming the bird food that is up to the ground. These animals are recognized for loading their cheeks with as much food that will certainly fit, which they repossess to their below ground dens to consume later on or shop for winter months.

So it should not come as a shock that to maintain chipmunks away, you require to attempt as well as quit birdseed dropping from over!

To avoid food on the ground, pay very close attention to your feeders.

The majority of birds are unpleasant eaters as well as will certainly jab with as well as toss birdseed around, trying to find the food they wish to consume. You are mosting likely to require bird feeders that do not permit birds to do this!

The majority of receptacle feeders as well as trays are most likely negative alternatives given that birds can remain on a system as well as have lots of space to toss food about, causing some winding up on the ground.

Seek feeders where birds have to get to inside to get hold of an item of food.

One feeder that I possess that would certainly be an excellent option is the Outright II

prevent bears bird feeders

Outright II Sight Today’s Rate

The seed is confined in the food storage tank as well as has a steel lip that avoids (much) food from spilling out.

An additional method to stop foods from winding up on the ground is to set up a tray below the feeders.

Several tube feeders have trays that you can protect to the base. You can likewise affix a meal or container that captures dropped seeds.

aspects tube feeder and tray

The mix that I utilize is an Facets tube feeder with a 8.5-inch Seed Tray affixed to all-time low.

You can likewise attempt just utilizing shelled sunflower seeds.

Regarding bird food goes, sunflower bits are one of the most preferred. Virtually every bird that concerns feeders likes right stuff. When birds are looking with a birdseed mix, it’s usually the sunflower they are browsing for.

If you just utilize shelled sunflowers, there will certainly be absolutely nothing for the birds to explore, which suggests they are much less most likely to toss seeds to the ground. As one more advantage, you are mosting likely to stay clear of a mess of coverings that you require to tidy up later on given that you are acquiring the sunflower seed currently shelled.

If any kind of sunflower bits do be up to the ground, they must be rapidly demolished by ground-feeding birds, which should not leave any kind of for the chipmunks to consume.

# 2. Avoid accessibility to your bird feeders!

Think it or otherwise, if you do not take any kind of safety measures, chipmunks might climb up right into your bird feeders. As Soon As there, they will certainly pack their cheeks packed with food, maintaining birds away while they are consuming.

Yet fortunately, chipmunks do not have the exact same sports capacity that squirrels have. Chipmunks can not leap up and down or flat from a tree really much, or climb up around frustrates well, so it’s reasonably simple to make certain these rats can not climb up right into your feeders. Believe Me; it’s means extra tough to maintain squirrels off your bird feeders than chipmunks!

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No Matter, below are some simple points you can do to maintain chipmunks on the ground!

A. Baffle your bird feeder post!

chipmunks away from bird feeding station

A baffle is just a gizmo that is made to stop animals from climbing your bird feeder post. While they are mainly planned to quit squirrels, they are outstanding for quiting chipmunks as well.

Frustrates can be bought individually (or made) as well as affixed to your existing post. Generally, there are 2 various styles/shapes of baffle you will certainly come across:

stop squirrels with baffles

Torpedo Baffle Pictured Above ( Likewise described as Stovepipe or Cone): Audubon Steel Baffle
Twist Around Baffle Pictured Above: Woodlink Baffle

Both of these baffles are made to affix listed below the bird feeder. As chipmunks climb, they are unable to navigate the baffle as well as, for that reason, can not consume your bird food!

For whatever you require to find out about baffles, look into this short article:

B. Purchase a post that focuses on quiting rats from climbing!

If you do not possess a bird feeder post yet or are trying to find a brand-new one, after that I suggested acquiring one that has a baffle currently developed right into the layout.

As an example, I utilized to possess the Squirrel Stopper Post, as well as not one animal EVER surpassed the affixed spring-loaded baffle. (In 2014, I developed an extra durable bird feeder post as a result of the high variety of bird feeders I was utilizing. )

Take a look at the spring-loaded baffle on the Squirrel Stopper post listed below:

Squirrel Stopper Post Examine Today’s Rate

Not just is this post excellent at protecting against chipmunks from climbing, however it stands up to 8 bird feeders as well as looks “stylish” in yards.

C. Hang your feeders from a solid angling line!

A great deal of individuals that feed birds do not utilize a bird feeder post to hang their feeders, however rather, they suspend them from a tree or various other framework. The issue these lovers encounter is that chipmunks can climb up the tree as well as boil down onto the feeders from above.

A simple method to quit this is to hang the bird feeders from a solid angling line!

The angling line is as well little as well as slim for chipmunks to browse down, as well as they will certainly either require to make a jump of belief from the tree or head back to the ground.

# 3. Usage spicy food to quit chipmunks.

Do you take pleasure in having habanero peppers around your food? Or does your face grimace simply thinking of the warm you would certainly experience?

The factor that we (individuals) really feel the warm of hot foods is due to something called capsaicin, which is the energetic component located in chili peppers that makes them warm as well as bothersome to consume.

Yet below is the insane point:

Just animals really feel the impacts of capsaicin! Birds are not impacted.

And also in instance you neglected, chipmunks are animals. Furthermore, a chipmunk’s feeling of odor as well as preference is much better than human beings. I have actually never ever had the ability to ask a chipmunk what consuming warm chili peppers preferences like, however my hunch is that the impacts are intensified much more than what individuals really feel.

Cole’s Hot Meats Sight Expense – Amazon.com

Making use of bird food that has actually been covered in warm pepper deserves attempting. Chipmunks must take one whiff as well as not like what they scent. Birds, that do not have much of a feeling of odor or preference, will not be troubled one little bit by the hot food.

Making use of hot seeds must operate at protecting against all type of animals at your feeding terminal, consisting of squirrels, raccoons, as well as births! Take a look at the experiment I did below, where I examined to see if warm pepper seed really functions.

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# 4. Catch as well as launch your chipmunks!

If all else stops working, you can attempt to catch chipmunks as well as allow them go someplace away from your residence.

Capturing a chipmunk is reasonably simple.

Initially, purchase a little catch, like the one seen listed below.

Havahart Small Mammal Catch Sight Rate – Amazon.com

After that placed something scrumptious inside that chipmunks can not stand up to, like sunflower seeds.

Quickly sufficient, you must have a chipmunk. Currently you require to drive a couple of miles away to allow it go. Look for a park or a good friend’s residence that has a woody location for the chipmunk to live.

While capturing can function, I do not assume it’s a lasting remedy. There will certainly constantly be extra chipmunks. To fix your chipmunk issues, I assume it’s a better use time to concentrate on exactly how to quit them completely.

Usually, I just consider capturing a chipmunk when one has actually begun mistaking inside my garage or shed regularly!

Likewise, I attempt to stay clear of capturing as well as moving chipmunks throughout springtime as well as summer season, given that they might have a below ground burrow packed with children awaiting “mamma” to find residence. I do not have the heart to recognize that I am making sure these young chipmunks a slow-moving as well as unpleasant fatality.

Last But Not Least, PLEASE do not harm the chipmunk after it’s caught!

These versatile animals are simply attempting to survive. Be kind as well as locate an appropriate area away from your residence to allow them go.

# 5. Feed chipmunks individually from your birds.

This idea runs counter to practically whatever else on this checklist.

To avoid as well as prevent chipmunks from accessing as well as consuming every one of your food as well as frightening birds, attempt feeding them at a different feeder simply for them!

As an example, below my bird feeders, I have a tray that is constantly full of sunflower seeds simply for the chipmunks as well as various other ground-feeding pets!

Seek chipmunks listed below on the LIVE electronic camera in my yard!

* FIND OUT MORE regarding the LIVE video cameras in my yard right here! *

By supplying an unrestricted supply of food for chipmunks on the ground, you are wishing they will not also trouble undergoing all the additional job to reach your bird feeders. I utilize this exact same technique to assist regulate Residence Sparrows as well!

As Well As if you do not desire chipmunks spending time your bird feeders, after that placed this different tray of food in a various location of the backyard to obtain them to move.

# 6. Ensure you have appropriate seed storage space!

You really did not ask, however I’m mosting likely to offer you my individual point of view relating to chipmunks.

In General, I do not mind them, as well as I more than happy they are about. Chipmunks give a great deal of amusement for our family members, as well as they remain off my bird feeders (many thanks to my baffles) as well as assist tidy up the seed that is up to the ground. Likewise, I such as the reality they give food for owls as well as hawks, which I enjoy obtaining the possibility to see in our yard as well. (Do not dislike me for that remark, dislike the circle of life! )

The only times that I obtain irritated with chipmunks are when they enter my garage as well as shed as well as damage my kept bird food.

damage caused by chipmunks

Chipmunk or squirrel damages on a 5-gallon container cover.

If I inadvertently leave a bag of seed on the ground after acquiring it from the shop, I can rely on them to tear an opening in the side to obtain their reasonable share. I have actually likewise located damages from them as they attempt to eat their method with tough plastic in my shed.

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Currently, I recognize that I can not criticize the chipmunks for creating this damages as well as mess, as they simply desire an opportunity to obtain some simple food. They do maintain me on my toes as well as make sure that I am keeping all of my bird seed appropriately.

chipmunks out of bird feeders and bird food storage

My suggestion is to acquire steel containers with a cover or locate storage space containers made from exceptionally tough plastic.

Likewise, attempt to tidy up whenever you splash any kind of food on the flooring, as this prevents chipmunks, in addition to computer mice as well as rats, from returning.

Pointer # 7: PLEASE Do Not Harmed Chipmunks!

However, out of stress, lots of people have actually developed methods to maintain chipmunks far from bird feeders that harm and even eliminate them.

I do not concur with these approaches. There are a lot of reliable methods that operate at preventing as well as warding off chipmunks as well as maintain these pets risk-free.

So my last suggestion is to stay clear of anything that will certainly hurt chipmunks. Attempt to value chipmunks as component of nature as well as remember they are simply attempting to make it through like the birds that see your feeders!

Do Not Utilize THESE Techniques To Maintain Chipmunks Off Bird Feeders!

Poisonous Substance:


Not just will you be punishing chipmunks to an unpleasant fatality, however what happens if your canine inadvertently consumes some?

Likewise, it prevails for aggressive pets, like foxes, owls, as well as hawks, to consume a rodent that has actually simply been infected, given that, to them, it makes a simple dish. As quickly as this infected chipmunk has actually been taken in, there is no wish for that killer either, as well as it will certainly quickly pass away.

Glue or anything else sticky on your bird feeder post:

It not just needs to be exceptionally unpleasant to have their hair removed, however it’s practically difficult for chipmunks to eliminate the adhesive, as well as they might consume some as they attempt to brush themselves.

Oil jelly or oil on your bird feeder post:

Comparable to adhesive, this is exceptionally challenging for chipmunks to leave their layer. They could consume some as well as get ill, or their hair will certainly glob with each other, leaving them at risk to winter.


There is absolutely nothing you can contend a chipmunk that will certainly not harm it, other than a cam.

Allowing your feline outside to eliminate the chipmunks:

Pet cats like to victimize as well as eliminate birds. If you wish to see even more birds at your feeder as well as less chipmunks, do you assume allowing your feline exterior is a terrific concept?

Generally, do not do anything that will certainly eliminate or damage the chipmunks in your yard!

Eliminating the chipmunks in your yard is a traditional instance of dealing with the sign as well as not the issue. Chipmunks reproduce rapidly, so you can constantly anticipate even more to get here. Making use of a mix of the ideas in this short article will certainly function far better as long-lasting services than murder.

Last Ideas

By using several of the ideas detailed above, it is totally feasible to push back, prevent, as well as maintain chipmunks off your feeders as well as quit them from consuming your bird food!

Yet most significantly, attempt to find out to value chipmunks as component of the amazing nature you reach observe in your yard! I have actually also come across individuals that have actually educated chipmunks to dine in a restaurant of their hands!

Prior to you go, I desire your aid to make this short article also much better. Can you assist respond to several of these concerns in the remarks listed below?

What are the most effective methods you have located to prevent as well as push back chipmunks?

Many thanks for analysis, as well as best of luck!


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