6 PROVEN Ways to Draw In Crows to Your Lawn! (2022)

Drawing in crows to your backyard does not need to be made complex!

Sadly, I have actually seen a great deal of guidance that recommends methods that I locate instead foolish, such as producing phony crow decoys, or troublesome, such as playing crow seems from an outside audio speaker.

Crows are smart and also opportunistic birds. If you follow my suggestions listed below, my assumption is that you will certainly have the ability to draw in crows to your backyard and also bird feeders in a snap.

Below are 6 PROVEN methods to draw in crows:

# 1. Draw in crows with THESE foods!

Among the very best methods to draw in crows is to supply their favored foods. And also while crows have an extremely different diet regimen, I have actually discovered 3 usual feeder foods they enjoy one of the most.

Below they are!


* Nourishment Information: 49% fat, 26% healthy protein, 19% carbs

Peanuts are a terrific food to supply at your feeding terminal. Not just do crows enjoy consuming them, yet they are healthy and balanced and also supply a substantial quantity of fat and also healthy protein, both of which are necessary to birds, particularly throughout cool winter season. Make certain to purchase baked, saltless peanuts, preferably!

You can provide peanuts 2 methods, either in the covering or currently out, as crows like them regardless. Numerous smaller sized birds can closed up the peanuts that are still in the covering, so if you specifically intend to draw in crows and also do not desire various other birds consuming the peanuts, you need to certainly purchase them by doing this.

Among my favored points to enjoy is when crows attempt to fit as lots of peanuts in their mouth as feasible! You can attempt counting the quantity in a video clip I taped, which you can enjoy BELOW.

Learn more about both LIVE video cameras streaming from my yard!

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Crows enjoy detaching pieces of suet from my feeders (see image listed below).

foods that crows eat - suet

As a result of their plus size, crows can do some significant damages to a suet cake. If a few of them locate a suet cake with each other, they can nearly consume the entire point in one resting. I do not mind the crows consuming my suet, yet if you intend to wait for woodpeckers, after that you require to position your suet in a feeder or area that crows can not access.


Nourishment Details: 5% fat, 9% healthy protein, 74% carbs

Corn is low-cost to buy contrasted to various other birdseed kinds and also food. At my neighborhood house enhancement shop, I can normally purchase 50 extra pounds for around $10!

You can purchase corn 2 various methods, either as broken corn or the entire bit. In my yard, I see them consuming both kinds, yet they appear to like whole-kernel corn.

# 2. ONLY utilize this sort of bird feeder!

what do crows eat?

As you can see above, crows are a lot bigger than your typical songbird that sees bird feeders. As a result of this reality, a lot of bird feeders are not created to suit a crow. Can you envision one attempting to fit its huge body on the perch of a tube feeder?

So, if you intend to draw in crows, you have to have sufficient area for them. I have actually discovered the ONLY sort of bird feeder that fits these corvids are tray or system feeders. Real to their name, these feeders are straightforward and also supply a big, open room for birds to feed. They are ideal for crows! You can see the tray feeder that I utilize below, together with a web link to where you can buy one.

bird feeders that crows use

Woodlink 3-in-1 System Feeder

What I such as regarding the Woodlink tray feeder over is that I can hang it from my bird feeding post, or I can place it on the ground as it has steel legs that prolong out of all-time low.

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Last but not least, crows likewise have no worry eating the ground. Actually, if you do not intend to buy a tray feeder, you can toss a few of their favored foods straight on the ground. If you go this course, I would certainly utilize peanuts still in the covering due to the fact that a little of dampness can destroy shelled peanuts and also corn.

# 3. Place the feeder and also food in a risk-free setting.

I advise positioning your bird feeding terminal as close as feasible to sanctuary and also cover. This provides crows a much better possibility to get away killers and also makes them really feel more secure. The most awful area to place a bird feeder remains in the center of a barren, manicured yard!

For instance, listed below is a bird’s eye sight of my backyard. As you can see, my feeding terminal is positioned along the timbers. It’s likewise under some branches, making it harder for a hawk to swoop in from above.

best locations for bird feeding station

# 4. Water is a crow’s friend!

One more fantastic method to obtain crows to see your backyard is to supply a constant water resource. Crows will certainly not just utilize it to maintain moisturized yet likewise to shower and also remain tidy.

The very best method to provide water is to purchase a bird bathroom. And also w chicken it concerns bring in crows, the most effective choice is a GROUND BIRD BATHROOM. These birds really feel most comfy obtaining their water on the ground. Crows are versatile and also clever and also will easily utilize simply regarding any type of bird bathroom as long as it’s maintained complete of tidy water.

Right here is the bird bathroom I utilize in my backyard for crows:

Poly Lumber Birdbath

best ground bird baths

Sight Today’s Rate

Initially, I such as that this ground bathroom is made from recycled poly lumber. This product is extremely resilient. I have actually possessed this item for a couple of years currently, and also there has actually been no fading, splitting, or breaking of the product.

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I leave this birdbath in my backyard all the time. Throughout the winter months, I position a deicer right into the water to stop cold. Considering that the water is just 2 inches (5 centimeters) deep, it ices up exceptionally quick.

# 5. Crows enjoy trees!

The optimal environment to draw in crows consists of great deals of huge trees! If your backyard is without trees, you need to take into consideration growing some. You may be believing that it’s mosting likely to take a very long time for that tree to expand high sufficient to interest crows. Yet as they state, the most effective time to grow a tree was three decades back, and also the second-best time is today!

If you do not have any type of trees, I would not fret excessive. The crows that pertain to my backyard LOVE setting down on my home. It appears to provide a terrific viewpoint to enjoy the feeders.

# 6. Crows are (apparently) drew in to glossy things.

If you look for details regarding bring in crows online, you will certainly probably see somebody advising producing glossy things. Allegedly glossy points, like coins or precious jewelry, are interesting them. It is stated that the light that shows off makes crows interested, particularly children.

On the other hand, I have actually likewise review that individuals believe that glossy things spread about are frightening to crows and also maintains them AWAY!

So, I determined to run an examination at my feeding terminal. I lay out a plethora of glossy challenge check whether they would certainly draw in crows! See the video clip listed below to figure out my outcomes.

Sight my YouTube network right here.

Exactly how do you draw in crows to your backyard?

Please share your favored ideas listed below!

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