4 Foods That Squirrels DO NOT Consume at Bird Feeders!

Exists anything that squirrels will not consume?

Lots of people, including myself, have actually asked themselves this inquiry! I recognize I have actually viewed helplessly as squirrels have actually surpassed my bird feeders. As a result of their plus size, they maintain the birds away, as well as my bird pals view from a neighboring perch as their food vanishes right into the tummy of a squirrel.

In addition to that squirrels have varied as well as exceptionally huge cravings. I make sure you have actually seen that bird food has actually obtained extra costly. It can be tough to warrant the high rate of bird seed when fifty percent of it mosts likely to fattening up squirrels that leave extremely little for the birds to consume.

So to aid manage the quantity of food squirrels eat, I made a listing of 4 kinds that squirrels do not usually consume at bird feeders. Please keep in mind that these rats might attempt a few of the foods listed below or consume them in tiny amounts. For the a lot of component, they should not invest hrs as well as hrs on your bird feeders if you make use of these foods.

# 1. Safflower Seeds

safflower - best bird food

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Safflower seed has actually obtained the label the “wonder seed” due to the fact that the majority of songbirds will easily consume it, yet most of squirrels will certainly overlook it! Birds like cardinals, jays, chickadees, as well as lots of others have not a problem consuming safflower, yet squirrels mainly do not touch it.

Considering that I can not ask straight, I’m not precisely certain why squirrels do not such as safflower, yet allegedly it has a bitter preference. Creatures have a tendency to have a better-developed taste than birds. I recognize that making use of safflower seeds appears as well excellent to be real, yet it’s a fantastic choice to make use of in your feeders that are not squirrel-proof

Offer it a shot as well as see if it functions! It’s approximated that 90% of squirrels will not consume safflower. My apologies if you have among the very squirrels that consume safflower all day with a smile on their face.

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# 2. Nyjer Seeds (thistle)

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Nyjer seed, likewise called “thistle,” is a small, black seed Thankfully, it’s not really pertaining to thistle, so you do not need to fret about leftover seeds becoming a bothersome weed. Prior to it’s marketed, Nyjer seeds are disinfected by warmth so they can not sprout as well as expand.

These tiny seeds are wonderful for bring in goldfinches, finches, chickadees, as well as doves. However as a result of their small dimension, I have actually never ever seen a squirrel also try to consume one!

To make use of Nyjer seed, you will certainly wish to buy a feeder that focuses on dispersing it. Take a look at the write-up listed below for even more details on these bird feeders.

# 3. White Proso Millet

white proso millet birdseed

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Millet is a preferred food amongst ground-feeding birds. It is usually not marketed independently yet is consisted of in lots kinds of birdseed blends.

And also while white millet draws in great deals of birds that delight in eating on the ground, like juncos, sparrows, blackbirds, as well as doves, it will certainly not interest squirrels. Surprisingly, millet is thought about a grain, not a seed, as well as squirrels never mind consuming this tiny, tough food.

A word of caution: Several birdseed blends have red proso millet, which is red as well as a bit smaller sized than white millet. Ground-feeding birds will certainly consume red millet, yet it’s not their preferred. If feasible, I would certainly stay clear of acquiring a mix that consists of red millet.

# 4. Any type of food covered with warm PEPPER!

I have actually conserved the most effective choice for last!

Think it or otherwise, making use of birdseed covered with warm pepper is a fantastic means to stop squirrels from consuming at your feeders! Seriously, this approach functions. When I make use of hot food, squirrels (as well as various other creatures) take one whiff as well as determine to try to find food somewhere else.

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hot pepper birdseed

And also the most effective component is that birds have not a problem consuming warm pepper food!

The “ warmth” you really feel in your mouth after consuming a warm pepper is brought on by a substance called capsaicin We really feel discomfort, pain, as well as burning after consuming warm peppers due to the fact that capsaicin tinkers details nerve closings in our mouth.

And Also below is the insane point:

Just animals are influenced by capsaicin.

Birds do not have much taste or odor, so they are immune. Because of this, they can consume warm pepper birdseed all day as well as have no unwell impacts.

Simply think of this reality momentarily. The creatures that can trigger troubles at your feeding terminal consist of not just squirrels yet likewise raccoons, chipmunks, rats, computer mice, as well as also births! All these animals have SUPER delicate noses, so all it takes is one odor, as well as they need to begin seeking food somewhere else.

I evaluated whether warm pepper seeds operated at my feeders. You can view listed below to see if it functioned or otherwise

Have A Look At my YouTube network right here!

And also please do not fret about the birds consuming hot food, as it’s risk-free. Products which contain capsaicin have actually gotten on the marketplace for a very long time. There are no records of birders or ornithologists that have actually discussed the negative health and wellness effects for birds.

So where can you acquire warm pepper bird food?

Generally, there are 2 methods to obtain warm pepper birdseed:

Choice # 1. Buy birdseed currently covered or instilled with capsaicin.

The most convenient point you can do is acquire pre-made warm pepper birdseed. Simply open up the bag as well as load your feeders!

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While this is very easy, it’s likewise fairly costly. You are spending for benefit. Below is the warm pepper birdseed that I have actually made use of: Sight Rate – Amazon.com

Food That Stops Squirrels From Eating

Cole’s Hot Meats Sunflower Seed

Choice # 2. Make your very own warm pepper birdseed!

Preparing your very own spicy food is extra lengthy, yet it will certainly conserve you cash. I make use of the focused warm sauce visualized listed below as well as blend it with shelled sunflower seed

hot pepper birdseed

Cole’s Flaming Squirrel Seed Sauce

You need to take care utilizing this things due to the fact that it is warm as well as exceptionally excruciating to obtain the focused service on your face (talking from experience) Right here are 3 points I do that assistance maintain the sauce on the seeds as well as OFF me

  • I have a 5-gallon pail with a cover committed to blending as well as saving my homemade warm pepper seed. It’s likewise independently significant, so absolutely nothing else ever before enters into this pail.
  • I have a devoted thick wood risk to blend the warm sauce right into the seeds. The risk is maintained in an unique area, so I do not inadvertently touch it without handwear covers.

Prior to we finish today, I desire you to recognize that I really simulate squirrels, as well as they rate to consume at my bird feeding terminal.

BUT I desire these acrobatic rats to consume on the ground. I do not desire them resting on my bird feeders, frightening the birds.

You can also view squirrels consuming today on my bird feeders. Take a look at both LIVE video cameras that are streaming in my yard right here.

What foods do squirrels stay clear of in your backyard?

If you have any kind of various other referrals or remarks, please leave one listed below!

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