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4 Basic Approaches That Bring In BLUE JAYS! (2023)

4 Basic Approaches That Bring In BLUE JAYS! (2023)

It’s unusual to me that some individuals do not delight in seeing Blue Jays in their yard. They believe they are “harasses” and also are also loud, hostile, and also untidy. I might not differ much more.

I like bring in Blue Jays to my backyard!

They are among my favored birds to view due to their variety of articulations (did you understand jays copy hawks?), knowledge, charm, and also total personality. Anyways, if you do not such as Blue Jays, this is most likely not the article for you

Over the following 10 mins, I am mosting likely to show you 4 various approaches you can execute to bring in Blue Jays to your yard.

Approach # 1: Discover bird feeders that Blue Jays can utilize.

Blue Jays are significantly bigger when contrasted to most various other songbirds that see your feeders. From expense to tail, Grownup Blue Jays variety in dimension from 9 inches to 12 inches long. Their weight is usually in between 2.5 to 3.5 ounces.

For contrast, Black-capped Chickadees ordinary 5 inches in size and also consider concerning half an ounce. Goldfinches are comparable in dimension and also weight to chickadees. North Cardinals are fortunate to be 9 inches long and also usually consider virtually half the quantity of a Blue Jay.

attracting blue jays to bird feeders

These realities are very important when thinking about the sort of bird feeders you await your yard. If you intend to bring in Blue Jays, you require to ensure you contend the very least one feeder that is huge sufficient to interest them.

Lots of bird feeders are made to only interest the much more preferred, smaller sized songbirds. Tube feeders are a fantastic instance. Blue Jays have a tough time suitable their bodies onto the smaller sized perches to feed!

Blue Jays like feeders that give huge, open surface areas

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They like having the capability to relocate and also leap about, looking for the very best items of food to take with them.

As an example, the bird feeder I possess that draws in Blue Jays the very best is my tray feeder. I have the feeder remaining on the ground, yet it’s flexible and also can likewise be hung or completely installed to a post. Sight the video clip listed below to see my tray feeder (made by Woodlink) feeding Blue Jays!

Woodlink 3 in 1 Tray Feeder Sight Today’s Rate

Various other feeders that function well at bring in jays are specific receptacle feeders, system feeders, and also peanut feeders. If all else falls short, simply toss food on the ground! Believe me; the jays will not mind.

Approach # 2: Deal Blue Jays their favored foods!

Since you have a bird feeder that Blue Jays will certainly utilize, it’s time to load it with their favored foods!

In the wild, Blue Jays consume a selection of foods. The checklist consists of nuts and also seeds (particularly acorns), fruits, invertebrates, and also periodically nestlings and also eggs.

However at your feeders, there are a couple of usual foods that jays can not stand up to.

My 3 favored foods that bring in Blue Jays consist of: sunflower seeds for attracting cardinals

  • Sunflower seeds: No matter whether it’s black-oil sunflower (A) or candy striped sunflower (B), neither whether the sunflower seed remains in the covering (C) or out. Blue Jays like consuming sunflower! Sight $ on Amazon.com
  • Peanuts: Jays consume peanuts both in the covering and also out. As a matter of fact, they are among minority birds that can break open up a difficult peanut covering. It’s a great deal of enjoyable to view Blue Jays involve my feeding terminal and also fly off with a mouthful.
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attract blue jays

  • Corn: Jays will certainly consume fractured corn or the entire bit. I would certainly like to understand the amount of bits they can suit their mouth and also throat cavity. I have actually counted a solitary bird take a minimum of 10 at once!

I wish it appears that to bring in Blue Jays, you are mosting likely to require to integrate Approach # 1 and also # 2. As an example, if you lay out a mix of sunflower, peanuts, and also corn, yet you placed the food right into a bird feeder that is also tiny, the jays can not fit on the feeder and also will not have the ability to consume anything.

Approach # 3: Produce an all-natural environment in your backyard.

As a result of their knowledge and also large character, Blue Jays are among one of the most intriguing and also amusing varieties that I delight in viewing. It’s enjoyable seeing them at our feeders, yet I likewise such as observing them setting upon predators, mimicing hawks, and also flying back and also forth throughout our overload.

If you desire Blue Jays drew in to your backyard for factors apart from the food you give, after that you require to produce an environment they intend to go to.

Blue Jays are normally woodland birds, and also huge trees give them sanctuary and also areas to nest. If you are not fortunate sufficient to live near the timbers, after that I would certainly advise growing some indigenous trees and also bushes in your yard.

attracting blue jays with native plants

Growing oak or beech trees is a fantastic method to bring in Blue Jays

This is since acorns and also beechnuts are a vital part of their diet plan. And also in my point of view, both of these trees are likewise gorgeous enhancements to any kind of landscape.

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For a total checklist of trees, bushes, and also various other plants that are belonging to your location and also bring in Blue Jays, have a look at the listed below search device from the National Audubon Culture:

Approach # 4: Offer water all year long!

attracting blue jays with water

Great deals of individuals hang up bird feeders in their lawns. For differing factors, not several individuals make a decision to give water for birds in a bird bathroom. And also those that do usually do not maintain the water fresh or tidy.

This is unfavorable.

Blue Jays require fresh water to consume alcohol day-to-day and also like wallowing in a bird bathroom. Seriously, locating water refers life and also fatality for birds, particularly when the climate goes down listed below cold and also several all-natural water resources are iced up.

Last Ideas and also Final Thought

I believe Blue Jays can obtain a negative online reputation as a “bully” bird. It holds true they can frighten various other birds at the feeder, yet usually they consume in harmony together with every person else.

As I plan the foods and also feeders that I utilize at my bird feeding terminal, I ensure to think of exactly how to bring in Blue Jays. They will certainly constantly be among my favored birds!

To sum up the very best methods to bring in Blue Jays to your yard, ensure to provide their favored foods (sunflower, corn, peanuts) on huge and also open feeders, give a constant water resource, and also have close-by indigenous trees. If you adhere to these ideas, you need to have no worry bring in these tough, clever, and also gorgeous birds!

What ideas do you have for bring in Blue Jays?



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