29th August to fourth September– An active week for movement as well as the earliest ever before Calling Ouzel

Solid winds from the north as well as eastern to begin
the week, though normally relaxing in the mid-days. A tranquil day on Friday prior to
a weekend break of solid southwesterlies as well as over night rainfall.


he highest possible
matter of Mallard was 19 on the 29th split in between Pondsbury as well as Barton Fish Pond. A.
lady Teal got on Pondsbury on the fourth, the initial given that the 10th August.

A couple of.
waders are still being seen, with the emphasize being a W ood Sandpiper calls.
in the Touchdown Bay on the 30th. A Lapwing was seen in Barton Area on the 29th.
as well as a Curlew flew previous South West Factor on the 31st. A group of 7 Ringed.
were gotten over South West Area on the second as well as a solitary was listened to.
on the 29th. Dunlin existed on the 31st as well as second as well as Snipe are currently routine.
by Pondsbury as well as the Water Storage tanks. A Typical Sandpiper was seen near Miller’s.
Cake on the East Coastline on the 31st. A solitary Eco-friendly Sandpiper got on Pondsbury.
on the 29th as well as 2 were additionally there on the 31st. Solitary Redshank were listened to in.
the Touchdown Bay on the 30th and afterwards by South West Factor on the 31st. 2.
Turnstone were taped past South West Factor on the 31st as well as 2 even more flew over.
Millcombe getting in touch with the fourth.

Eco-friendly Sandpiper, Pondsbury © Stuart Cossey

In addition to.
waders seen throughout a seawatch from South West Factor on the 31st, there were.
Some even more unusual varieties consisting of 2 Black-headed Gulls, one adolescent.
Typical Gull as well as a grown-up Mediterranean Gull An Additional Black-headed Gull was seen.
off the East Side in the mid-day of the 31st. Various other varieties seen consist of a.
solitary Guillemot as well as 45 Gannets As a result of solid eastern winds on the 30th, the.
Oldenburg finished a round the island journey waiting on calmer problems in.
the Touchdown Bay. A site visitor reported an

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Arctic Skua seen near the watercraft as it.
passed South West Factor.
2 Grey.
were seen on the 30th, one flew previous Benjamin’s Chair as well as the various other flew.
off Rocket Post Fish Pond. The man as well as lady Sparrowhawk are still existing as are.
the household of Kestrels A Typical Buzzard flew over the Town throughout the Lundy.
Olympics on the 29th as well as an


was photographed flying previous Gannet’s Rock.
on the second.
Osprey, Gannet’s Rock © Zach Wait Swallows.
are progressively heading southern with the highest possible day-to-day matter of 67 on the second. Remarkably, 2 sets of Swallows are still feeding huge young in the Casbah as well as Church Patio. Sand.
were taped on 3 days, one on the 31st, 8 on the first as well as.
One massive group of 70 behind the church on the Second. 2

Home Martin were.
seen on the 1st.
A tiny.
variety of Willow Warbler were seen most days, aside from the second when tranquility.
winds brought 115 to the island. A Chiffchaff was seen on the 31st. Solitary Sedge.
were seen on the 29th as well as 30th, with 4 existing on the second. A Reed.
was seen in the Willows listed below Federal Government on the second. Insect.
were taped on the 29th as well as second. A Yard Warbler was seen on the.
31st as well as solitary Blackcap were taped on the 31st, third as well as fourth. 5 Blackcap.
were seen on the second. Solitary Whitethroat existed on the 30th, 31st as well as first.
with 4 on the second. The initial Firecrest of fall was seen at Rüppels Quarry.
on the 29th. 2 even more existed in Millcombe Pines on the 31st as well as the fourth.

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were seen on the 31st to the third with a high matter of 3 on the second. Firecrest, Ruppel’s Quarry © Stuart Cossey The.
earliest ever before fall Ring Ouzel remained in VC Quarry on the second 12 days previously.
than the previous document of 15th September 2017. Women Redstart were seen.
around Millcombe on the 31st as well as second. A young man Redstart existing at Stoneycroft on.
the second was additionally seen there on the fourth. Whinchat prevailed with 3 seen on.
the 29th, second as well as fourth. 2 were seen on the 31st as well as songs on the 30th as well as.
First. The highest possible matter of Wheatear was 9 on the 29th with some even more apparent.
Greenland race birds existing. 10 Identified Flycatchers on the second was the.
highest possible overall. 5 were seen on the 29th, 7 on the 30th, 3 on the 31st.
as well as one on the 1st.

Pied Flycatchers
were normally much less typical with 4 on.
the 29th, 3 on the 31st, one on the first as well as 3 (consisting of 2 ringed) on.
the second.
Identified Flycatcher, The Balcony © Stuart Cossey

Typical Redstart as well as Pied Flycatcher, Millcombe © Stuart Cossey 1st year male Typical Redstart, Stoneycroft © Stuart Cossey Several pipits.
as well as wagtails were taped flying over the island. The initial 2 Yellow Wagtails.
of fall flew over South West Area on the second as well as a Grey Wagtail flew over on.
the 1st. The highest possible matters of overpass Pied/ White Wagtails were 19 on the 31st,.
21 on the first as well as 18 on the second. 3 White Wagtails were validated on the.
31st. Solitary Tree Pipits were listened to flying over on the 29th, 30th, first as well as third.
A total amount of 10 were listened to, mainly over Millcombe, in the second. There have still.
not been massive varieties of Field Pipits, the highest possible matters being around 30.
birds in groups of approximately 20. Huge groups of Linnet have actually been seen throughout the.
heathland, with a total amount of 212 seen on the 29th as well as 125 on the second. 2 Lesser.
were listened to with the

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Goldfinches in Millcombe on the third. In non-avian.
information, Hummingbird Hawk-moths were seen on the 29th, 31st as well as second. A great deal of.
migrant moths have actually been taped today consisting of Thrill Veneer, Dark-sword.
, Turnip moth, Pearly Underwing, Pale Mottled Willow, Silver Y as well as 2 brand-new.
for the island, Archer’s Dart as well as Feathery Gothic The latter was not in the.
moth catch however photographed by Alice the Pub Supervisor on bench of the.
Marisco. A big Bottlenose Dolphin was off the East Coastline on the 31st as well as a.
little case of

Harbour Cetacean

on the 1st.

Feathery Gothic, Marisco Pub © Alice Waterfield(*) Factors:.
S Cossey, R Ellis, Z Wait(*)

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