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28th November to fourth December– The last buzzing sessions of the year

28th November to fourth December– The last buzzing sessions of the year

Modest winds from the eastern all week with mainly clear
skies. Relatively light with cooler tmperatures in the direction of completion of the week.

An overall of 7 Teal were seen on Pondsbury on the third. A.
couple of waders were tape-recorded with a solitary Golden Plover on the 28th as well as 5 on.
the 1st. Solitary Woodcock were tape-recorded on the 28th, 30th and4th. 3 were.
tape-recorded on the first consisting of 2 well concealed in Smelly Gully. Efforts were.
made at sounding Snipe in the areas over night. Up to a couple of were seen,.
the moon limited our initiatives. 2 Snipe were effectively ringed whilst.
haze netting on the night of the fourth.

Golden Plover, South West Area © Stuart Cossey
Well masked Woodcock, Smelly Gully © Jamie Dunning
Buzzing Snipe © Jamie Dunning

A feeding group of at the very least 50 Gannets was seen off the East.
Side on the 30th. 3 Cormorant flew southern previous Millcombe on the 29th as well as a.
Little Egret was seen flying out of the Touchdown Bay on the second.

Sparrowhawk, Merlin, Kestrel as well as Peregrine prevailed.
views all week. The Jackdaw was still around the Town. A high matter of 26.
Carrion Crows was tape-recorded on the 28th. As much as 5 Skylark were still being.
seen in the areas north of the Town.

Sparrowhawk, Ackland’s Moor © Stuart Cossey

A minimum of one Siberian Chiffchaff was seen as well as listened to on the.
29th as well as 30th. Siberian Chiffchaff are a subspecies of Typical Chiffchaff from,.
as the name recommends, types in coniferous woodlands eastern of the Ural Mountains. They.
are a whole lot duller in colour as well as the phone call is various. Throughout the light eastern winds the haze webs were opened up in Millcombe on a lot of early mornings. 3 Blackcap were.
ringed on the 30th. There was a rise in moving yeast infections, mainly Blackbird as well as Redwing, with a handful ringed.

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Siberian Chiffchaff, Town © Jamie Dunning

Starlings were seen relocating large numbers on the 29th with.
1140 counted consisting of a solitary group of greater than 400 birds. Finch numbers.
were reduced with the highest possible matter of Chaffinch at 38 on the 28th. A Siskin as well as.
2 Linnet were seen on the 29th as well as one more Linnet was seen on the fourth.
Goldfinch were additionally kept in mind in handful..
A Lapland Pennant flew over South West Area getting in touch with the 30th as well as a.
Reed Pennant was listened to on the 1st.

Factors: Stuart Cossey, Jamie Dunning, Trevor Dobie,.
Max Khoo



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