25th to 31st July– Apparent wader movement

It has actually been a damp week with temperature levels balancing
18 ° yet with a lot of the days being cloudy or with reduced cloud as well as haze.

It has actually been
one more intriguing week throughout the Lundy Marine Celebration. The Marine
Digital photographer Paul Naylor offered an informative talk on Friday night. For even more
updates from our Marine Celebration volunteers please review their blog site at www.lundymarinefestival.org.uk/festival-wardens-blog.

It is
gradually developing with fall movement generating young birds as they
move southern or distribute to locate an area of their very own.
There has
been a decrease in the variety of Swift seen with songs on the 28th as well as 31st as well as
sets on the 26th as well as 30th.

There has
been a large boost of wader discoveries as they return from their reproduction
premises to the north to winter months in the UK or more southern. A Whimbrel was.
hiring the Touchdown Bay on the 30th as well as 2 Curlew were seen on the 27th.
Solitary Dunlin were seen on 26th as well as 29th. A lot more unusual waders consist of.
Turnstone on the 25th flying over the Touchdown Bay as well as one more flew over the.
Town on the night of the 31st. 2 Environment-friendly Sandpipers were purged from.
Rocket Post Fish pond on the early morning of the 29th. One was after that seen on Quarter Wall surface.
Fish pond as well as one more calling about Pondsbury. 2 Redshank were listened to calling over.
the Town in the reduced cloud at around 9am on the 30th.

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A grownup.
Black-headed Gull remained in the Touchdown Bay on the 30th. A young Grey Heron was.
seen by Pondsbury on the 29th and after that once more roosting on Federal government on the.
early morning of the 31st.

Grey Heron having fun with a plume, Pondsbury © Stuart Cossey

A couple of even more.
Sand Martins relocated southern with 4 on the 26th as well as the initial Residence Martin of.
fall got on the 30th. The highest possible matter of Swallows was 22 on the 27th.
An additional large loss of Willow Warblers shown up on the 26th with 72+ counted throughout.
the early morning demographics. Seen were 4 Sedge Warblers The remainder of the week.
were a lot reduced matters with 22 on the 25th as well as in between 10 as well as 3 on the 27th.
to 31st. Various other warblers consist of 2 or 3 Chiffchaff daily as well as a man.
Blackcap as well as 2


on the 27th. Willow Warbler, South West Area © Stuart Cossey The numbers.
of Wheatear moving with changed with the week. The highest possible matter.
was 50 on the 28th consisting of 18 around the old aerogenerator. 3 White.
shown up on the 29th as well as invested the day in Barton Area. High matters of.
Linnet today got to 214 on the 27th. A

Lesser Redpoll

was listened to calling.
around Millcombe on the early morning of the 27th.

Wheatear, Old Light Burial Ground © Stuart Cossey(*) Factors:.
S Cossey, R Ellis, Z Wait, J Dunning, N Trout, R Miller, An and also S Smith.(*)

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