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2021 The Birding year That Was half I

2021 The Birding year That Was half I

Corona as well as additionally the travelling restraints that handled
had an enormous impact on 2022. I had little or no directing as there have really been no abroad
site visitors till the autumn as well as additionally I additionally travelled bit or no myself so my birding
exercise was fittingly sufficient mainly restricted to the Oslo location. This resulted
in my least expensive year listing in Norway thinking about that I began videotaping such worries– solely
214 kinds – as well as additionally I lost on some kinds that I might commonly see tons
of equivalent to Slavonian Grebe (horndykker) as well as additionally Arctic Skua! My Oslo life listing although
increased by a really surprising 3 kinds to 243 in whole: Stonechat
( svartstrupe), Lengthy-eared Owl (hornugle) as well as additionally Puffin (lunde). There’s one listing
that’s much more required than my Oslo listing which desires all my
Maridalen (aboriginal place) listing which increased
by 4 kinds: Tengmalm’s Owl, Stonechat, White-fronted Goose & & & Kittiwake
listing as well as additionally reached the transforming factor of 200 kinds.

Birding was outstanding although as well as additionally my ever raising inquisitiveness
in butterflies as well as additionally dragonflies supplied me some outstanding info in addition to a.
Lengthy-tailed Blue which was a primary for the nation (though provenance is.
possibly uncertain) as well as additionally I additionally began bearing in mind moths though generally of the.
bigger day flying options. Without journey to the cabin in Bodø this year I.
lost on my typical orchid stress nevertheless an attend a location location did deal.
me Marsh Helleborine (myrflangre) which is a selection I have really long term preferred to see.
as well as additionally was something nevertheless a migraine headache.


January began the location December had really completed with the.
Hawk Owls in Maridalen providing a lot entertainment as well as additionally I reevaluated at the.
Capercaille this moment around in wonderful brilliant setting. The Purple Sandpipers at.
Bygdøy as well as additionally Pygmy Owls as well as additionally overwintering Buzzards in Maridalen have really remained in enhancement over and over again.
mosted likely to.

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Pygmy Owl (spurveugle)

Hawk Owl (haukugle)

Sparrowhawk (spurvehauk) with a fresh recorded Fieldfare (gråtrost)
amongst great deals of Buzzards (musvåk) that wintered in Maridalen – a visibly light particular person

not commonly one can see Capercaille (storfugl) comparable to this


The timberland round Maridalen revealed truly reliable.
at the beginning of the month with Gray-headed as well as additionally Three-toed Woodpeckers, Pygmy.
as well as additionally Hawk Owl as well as additionally Hazel Grouch presenting over and over again. Østensjøvannet had a phenomenal.
duration with as lengthy as 3 Water Bed Bed rails as well as additionally a Jack Snipe presenting truly suitably on the truly.
minimal places of open water in a number of stream. The Jack Snipe (I make up “the”.
nevertheless there might have been a variety of) was, as is routine for the kinds,.
troublesome to discover nevertheless as rapidly as you perhaps did afterwards it may exceptionally well be seen truly suitably though it.
was required to not spend additionally extended near it as it might ice up as well as additionally quit.
feeding when it truly felt frightened.

Hazel Grouch (jerpe)

Three-toed Woodpecker (tretåspett)

Gray-headed Woodpecker (gråspett)

Jack Snipe (kvartbekkasin)

crossbreed Mallard x Wigeon

as well as additionally crossbreed Mallard x Pintail


March was a phenomenal month. I had some impressive.
experiences with Pygmy as well as additionally Tengmalm’s Owls, so outstanding the truth is that I qualified one.
mount “Finest OWL day in Oslo EVER!”.

An annual top quality of March is a more than likely to or 2 to.
inspect the Taiga Bean Geese which mosts likely to perpetuity a complete satisfaction as well as additionally a great deal of color.
ringed birds have really been found as well as additionally reported.

Halvard H was accountable for my preliminary new Oslo.
sorts of the year with a Stonechat in Maridalen that was an extended waited on.
improvement as well as additionally a chicken later within the month at Fornebu was my third there.

On the layer of the month a White-fronted Goose was my.
Third Maridalen (aboriginal place) tick for the year (a Tengmalms’s Owl paid attention to in.
February being the trick).

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An in fact uncommon daytime experience with a Tengmalm’s Owl (perlueugle)

mating Pygmy Owls (spurveugle)

Maridalen as well as additionally Oslo X many thanks to Halvard H – Stonechat (svartstrupe)

Taiga Bean Geese (taigasædgås)


April saw some extra uncertain owl experiences nevertheless.
this moment about with recreating Lengthy-eared. Hazel Grouch additionally validated really suitably.
with a just recently located collection that supplied a lot entertainment the entire spring.

Birds of Target have really been a genuine spotlight in Maridalen as well as additionally.
though there have really been no rarities I had each Golden as well as additionally White-tailed Eagles.

A thorough experience with a male Garganey on a golf.
training program was a remarkable effectiveness as well as additionally I snagged aboriginal Drug Gull as well as additionally.
Inexperienced-winged Teal.

The month completed with Coastline Larks in Maridalen.

one more Maridalen X – White-fronted Goose (tundragås)

Lengthy-eared Owl (hornugle)

as well as additionally in color

most definitely amongst great deals of truly shut experiences with Hazel Grouch (jerpe) this year

Golden Ealge (kongeørn) over Maridalen

Glaucous Gull (polarmåke) snagged on a dump in Oslo
grownup White-tailed Eagle (havørn) over Oslo – most definitely amongst great deals of exploration of an grownup round Oslo within the spring suggesting the kinds might develop itself as a pet dog breeder quickly

male Garganey (knekkand)

as well as additionally a male american Inexperienced-winged Teal with typical Teal
grownup Drug Gull (svartehavsmåke) with Black-headed as well as additionally Widespread Gulls

Coastline Larks (fjellerke) in Maridalen – incredibly adequate solely the third ever document


On Maridalsvannet a collection of Mute Swans tried to replicate.
for the second year functioning as well as additionally as soon as a great deal much more obtained no peace from the aboriginal Whooper.
Swans. On a virtually every day framework they fought as well as additionally it was the Whoopers that had.
the better hand. The Mutes stopped while however on eggs as well as additionally drew back to the arm.
the location the guy was located shabby possibly as a result of his over excertions.
trying to guard his buddy from the aggressive Whoopers.

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Raptors stayed to specific in Maridalen with Marsh.
Harrier having a document presenting with as lengthy as 3 birds in a day.

A special occasion was spent seeing 2 nests of Nice.
Gray Owls.

Seawatching from the cabin we’re fortunate adequate to.
use at Hulvik on the layer of the month supplied grownup White-billed Scuba diving scuba diver as well as additionally.
Pomarine Skua after which the month completed with 3 truly impressive days within the.
hillsides with Lengthy-tailed Skua, Bluethroats in every location, Nice Snipe as well as additionally great deals of others.

combating Whooper (sangsvane) as well as additionally Mute Swans (knoppsvane)

closeup of my male Hazel Grouch

male Marsh Harrier (sivhauk) as well as additionally Tough-legged Buzzard (fjellvåk) in Maridalen

as well as additionally Black-throated Scuba diving scuba diver (storlom) as well as additionally Pintail (stjertand) additionally in Maridalen

Wryneck (vendehals) – one a collection that recreated in Maridalen

as well as additionally Excellent Gray Owl (lappugle) NOT in Maridalen

Lengthy-eared Owl (hornugle) again NOT in Maridalen though this kinds ought to absolutely replicate there

much more vibrant LEO

Tawny Owl (kattugle)

Bluethroat (blåstrupe)

Lapland Pennant (lappspurv)

Lengthy-tailed Skua (fjelljo)


In June birds began enjoying an again seat as well as additionally.
butterflies an dragonflies took control of with a great deal of new kinds landed.

A collection of Pastimes in Maridalen have really been prospecting for.
a nest internet site as well as additionally validated suitably as well as additionally one more journey to the Hulvik cabin supplied my ideal.
ever views of Nightjar.

The summertime time trips began one more time within capitals.
again at layer of month the location Dotterel validated rather well this moment around.

most definitely amongst a collection of Leisure activities (lerkefalk) that have really been prospecting for nest internet site in Maridalen at the beginning of the month

Nightjar (nattravn)

Dotterel (boltit)


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