20/11 Snelsmore Feeder

Area: Snelsmore Feeder CES 2022/23.02
Session: 20/11/2022 07:40 to 11:30 humans resources
Notes: The very first time it has actually really felt cool this wintertime. One more hectic early morning, mainly Blue and also Terrific Tits and also Coal Tit aim to have had a great reproduction end result. Some pulli from this year’s reproducing period consisting of one from a nest box throughout the Winterbourne valley at Mount Hillside on the Bagnor Estate.
Existing:   IW, JL, JHW, DL
Climate: Warm durations, tranquil, cool
Internet: 12M 2 flights 6M each side of feeder up 08:00 to 11:00 humans resources
Tempts: Feeders– Fat Balls, Black Sunflower Seed, Peanuts

Regains:( 39 )
Blue Tit                      ringed: 24/12/2017( 5years), 07/11/2021, 05/12/2021×2, 16/01/2022,       .                    13/02/2022, 06/11/2022×9
         Pulli ringed: 16/05/2022×3 boxes CP02, WH13, WH15, 
                                                        18/05/2022 box CP01, 19/05/2022 box CP30, 
                                                       20/05/2022 box B05( Mount Hillside)
Coal Tit                       ringed: 05/12/2021, 06/11/2022×8
Terrific Tit                     ringed: 05/12/2021, 16/01/2022, 16/11/2022×2
Marsh Tit                    ringed: 13/02/2022, 06/11/2022×2

Discoveries: Very little birding done, a Chiffchaff seen

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