13/09 Greenham Common

Place: Greenham Usual Western Room (wk37)
Session: 13/09/2022 07:45 to 10:45 humans resources
Notes: Silent out on the health with little bird task, simply a flow of birds via the room.
Both birds re-trapped the other day ringed somewhere else information as complies with:
     Chiffchaff ringed: 01/07/2022 at Birdwood, Warrington, UK 242km
     Willow Warbler ringed: 11/09/2022 at Hayling GC, Hayling Island, Hampshire UK 68km (1 day)
Existing: JL, IW
Climate: cloudy windy, awesome, drizzled off at the end of the session.
Webs: 48metres 3 Trips, 18M, 18M as well as 12M up from 08:00 to 10:40 humans resources
Tempts: Warblers, Misc Migrants, Yellow-browed Warbler/Crests, Redstart, periodically

Regains: (02 )

Blackcap                  ringed: 04/08/2022

Robin                        ringed: 04/10/2021

Discoveries: Silent, 2 Red Kites energetic flying over the health as well as timber line for a lot of the early morning, a couple of Swallows via primarily going east, Jays have actually begun acorn caching (growing).

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