HomeBird Ringing05/02 Snelsmore Common Feeder

05/02 Snelsmore Common Feeder

05/02 Snelsmore Common Feeder

Area: Snelsmore Common Feeder Winter Season CES 2022/23.07
Session: 05/02/2023 07:45 to 11:30 humans resources CES browse through 7
Notes: A spring-like early morning, a little bit cold very early. The capture was sluggish initially, numbers raising per round as the early morning progression; most likely taking a look at areas in the morning sunlight. A great variety of Blue Tits consisting of some from nest boxes and also a complete grown up ringed at Thatcham Marsh LNR last Sep. Excellent to be out calling once more.
Existing: JL, JHW, IW, INTELLIGENCE, DL, NC Weather Condition:

Sunny, brilliant, amazing, tranquil
12M, 2 flights 6M each side of feeder up from 08:00 to 11:00 humans resources Draws: Feeders– Fat Balls, Black Sunflower Seed, Peanuts Regains:( 34 ) Blue Tit  ringed: 06/12/2020, 06/12/2020×2, 02/01/2022,13/ 02/2022×2,27/ 02/2022,        
11/09/2022 (Thatcham Marsh), 09/11/2022×5, 20/11/2022, 15/01/2023×2


pulli ringed: 16/05/2022×2 nest box CP03, 16/05/2022 box WH15, 19/05/2022 box WH18(*) Coal Tit   ringed: 06/11/2022, 20/11/2022(*) Excellent Tit  ringed: 08/03/2020, 07/11/2021, 13/03/2022, 06/11/2022,20/ 11/2022×2(*) pulli ringed 22/05/2022 nest box CO27(*) Discoveries(*): Very little types task normally.(*)

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